Portable Storage Units

Like any top rated mobile food service company, we have all the equipment needed to satisfy our customers' requirements. We use top of the line portable storage units for food so that our mobile food service set ups are not lacking for anything. A mobile kitchen is seriously hampered by the lack of portable food storage units . We are one of the best mobile food service companies because we have the entire portable infrastructure that could possibly be required to set up a mobile kitchen in any situation or location.

Our portable food storage units are especially useful in mobile food service emergency situations where it might be easier to transport the food in rather than cook it on site. We are the industry leader in portable catering solutions and as a result of this our mobile food service company is the first choice to provide disaster relief food service .

Mobile food service emergency situations are particularly difficult to manage and less experienced mobile food service companies than ours will not be up to the job. We have great experience in managing disaster relief food service and bringing succor to people who have lost everything due to an act of nature or because of any man made calamities. It is very important to avoid any delays in serving food, especially in situations such as these.

Our mobile food service company is well equipped with portable storage units that keep food at the right temperature and safe for human consumption for extended periods of time. We have them in all sizes so that we have the flexibility of offering mobile food service to groups of varying size. This flexibility is one of our greatest strengths and our client base is most appreciative of it. Contact us to find out how we can be of help to you.


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